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JMO, but I think the problem is with lack of fouls for people is because this company focuses on the online players, and they would all cry if there was realistic fouls called in a game. We shouldn't have to crank foul sliders all the way up, and spend sso much time having to adjust sliders to get a simulation game, but it is what it is I guess.

Now Im not seeing the lack of fouls that some seem to be getting, don't know if its my play style or the way I have adjusted sliders, but it is still to a tad to low over all, if I were to average it out for myself.

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I will say this might be the best they have ever done at seeing loose ball fouls, Over the back calls, and charging, as Im seeing more of them than I ever have, or atleast since NBA2k10 that is. Heck I have even had the AI taking charges, which is something the devs have always screwed up, and while there could be more, its improved greatly fomr what I have seen.

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I bump them all up by 25, and Help D up 25 as well, from what they were on the sim settings. This also helps with getting more realistic blocked shots. The 24th Letter and Jrocc23 like this. Quote: Originally Posted by amedawg00 This thread is the bane of my 2k existence. It single handedly influenced the devs into overreacting about fouls pre patch.

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Now what was once a skill based game pre-patch has been reduced to an unskilled game where reckless rim attacks are rewarded with cheap bailouts. By far the most frustrating aspect of what is otherwise sublime gameplay. Last edited by The 24th Letter; at AM. That last part happens so much it's ridiculous.

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One time I'm guarding some random PG shot clock goes down and common sense tells me not to jump just stay down and put a hand up. I do this and he goes into this animation where he jumps into me and they give him a foul. In the paint it's the same I put my hands straight and only 3 things will happen. They get a foul call. They make it. I'm majoring in finance, how's the economy in louisville?

We just basically want to live in a fun city in a safe neighborhood and be able to afford a house in a few years. Originally Posted by thompson Look at Semonin. Matthews, La Grange. In general, the "bad areas" of Louisville are west of 9th street.

There are a few exceptions, but this is a pretty good rule in general. Even in that area, I wouldn't be scared to drive through or something during the day like I was in some parts of Chicago's west side where it looked like a bomb went off. For the gentleman looking to move, please give me the suburb where you currently live in Chicago and I can try to match you with a "similar" one here in Louisville. Louisville is not a hot bed for finance jobs, but neither are most cities outside the top 10 largest.

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Please let me know what jobs you are specifically interested in. Otherwise, our economy is quite robust and healthy, especially in logistics, distribution, and health care the strengths of the city's economy.

Hi, I've lived in Louisville for 10 years and now live in Florida. I miss KY and nice people that live there. The nices parts of Louisville are Prospect, St. Mathews and LaGrange. My parents live in Prospect and it is a nice neighborhood. Good luck with your move!

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One more to the list I would add Anchorage to the list of Louisville's "best" areas. If you have school aged child, you will definitely like Oldham County.

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  • NBA 2K15 has NO regard for Fouls..
  • Race is not an issue!! Hi there!! I am completely with you! Let me know if you find any places that peak your interest! Mathews and LaGrange are all nice as well!!! Keep in touch!! Service has always been great. I take all my bikes road and mountain for servicing when I can't figure something out or I break them, which is often. The service is always great and they are willing to spend the time to explain how I screwed something up so I don't do it again. Great shop for info. Highly recommended. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter.

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    Rate it: Hover and Click on a Star. Latitude Showing of 2. Cross Country Rider. Customer Service Poor.

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