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My co-writer of a tune we did in has infringed on our song and my half of the copyright. The original writers heard the original tune and a substance amount of the tune was copied. She refuses to answer my email. He CC: her on email They both take credit online for the new version. Sound cloud found it! I can bring it up I have an artist interested in the original version. Can I get a non-exclusive contract without her consent? In the USA???? This artist would probably take a non exclusive contract….

Not sure her manager will let her but…. I told her…takes a lifetime to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it…..

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Pisses me off because I offered to negotiate and her co-writer spit at me. She never answered. Regards, David. Hi Kurt, Very clearly explained. Thank you I have a question perhaps similar to that of David Dove above, but on the other side. A singer composes lyrics for a instrumental number a musician had already created.

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It may be that the co-composer wants to have input into the release or possibly be the musician. The singer is going to drop the song from the release as does not want any unpleasantness. However, it would be good to know the answer. I have a business partner friend who is a lead singer and Co writer on a lot of albums for a famous band.

Mostly European tours and he is the only American. He has not gotten paid on live performances, Co writing royalties, streaming. The other members are getting checks.

This is a GEMA deal. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you. Sounds like he needs a US or German lawyer to track down some revenue that is owed to him.

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He should be registered with a PRO as well. Pollack died in Can you speak of a joint work in this case? Hi Kurt.

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I have a situation with a co-writer. Your article has been very informative. I have not been able to collect my publishing royalties for some time now. The song continues to be re-cut and performed. There was a sub Publishing agreement in place But now there company claims it never existed. Hello Mr. Is it written in the way it should be… By the way I will be needing a entertainment attorney in the very near future and would like to get the chance to see if you will represent me in the near future?

My name is Larry Perry, Sr. How will you figure out the percentage? This is of the up most impotence to know these things before I can sign on the dotted line…. Hi Larry. I can assist if you are based in Canada. Not sure I understand your request here RE the letter. Hi David. Without something in writing from the outside writer, unfortunately he would indeed be able to stop you from using the compositions. Email me for further assistance and we can see about having the ghost writer sign off on something.

Or it can be released as the majority supports it?

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Hi Kurt, Great article! Hi Martin. I have a song I co wrote with two other people. We wrote this song for my upcoming EP. The recorded version is done but not released. It will most likely be released within the next 2 months thru a record label. One of the co writers have asked to perform this song at his Gigs.

I wrote several songs with another writer over a decade ago.

We recorded and performed the songs together. Is it legal for me to post the songs for free download? Completely free just so people can enjoy the songs. An ex-bandmate and I wrote and recorded several songs together. Same goes with your contributions to the songwriting. So they need to reach an agreement with you if they wish to use the songs and masters. This is a really great piece of info. How about I share a story also. I got my first break in They were college basketball players aspiring to be recording artists. There vocal talents caught the ear of a independent radio promoter who had currently worked as Vice President of Promotions at Warner Brother Records.

Once they met this guy, he said he would love to hear some original material. Keep in mind now, these gentlemen were not songwriters, but I help them craft songs and we began to make songs they seem promising. Since I was already armed with a catalog of music I had written, I went into my catalog of copyrighted music and decided to see what would work with their style of music. We ended up using about 13 of my compositions.

The independent promoter heard them and discovered that this was worth the investment of time and resources. One day the independent promoter took me to a law firm named Greenburg Trauig. I met a lawyer named Vernon Slaughter.

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They handed me a contact. The independent promoter tried to get me to sign a vague contract before I went to the law firm pretaining to production and publishing. Once again I did not sign. However, I noticed that the independent promoter was taking the songs we had without proper mixes to this lawyer. So what the independent promoter guy did was take each song we did, which at the time 13 songs, and make ten copies per song on a cd.


I asked why did he give the cds to Vernon and he said it was for the publishing procedure. As weeks went by we were finishing the post production to what would be a album by these guys, and the independent promoter decided he would start a label based on this project. He said he wanted to start a label and publishing company. I put all of the songs we worked on, and I put all of our names on the copyright. Their were authorship was credited via lyrics, my authorship was credited via music, melody arrangement, and song sequence.

It took us about 4 months to hammer out a deal. I must say, I was exhausted with this process, but I found it strange that I was doin this after the album was done and not before because most of the time labels do the business before writing a check to go into the studio, master, etc. Now, I got my lawyer and I am pretty excited and he presents three contracts to me: A producer agreement which would based on the terms and conditions of the album, a non-exclusive producer agreement which basically gave the power of management to the independent promoter in which he would have to shop my work to labels like Warner Brothers since he had a lot of relationships there, and a LLC operation agreement for the publishing company he said he wanted to create which would give us equal a share in the publishing revenue since it was 4 of us.

So now that the ink has dried we were officially in business!! Fast Foward to August The independent promoter now has his label, his artist, album and producer. The album had 14 songs, I produced and composed 13 of them. Now, since he had access to small, medium, large radio markets he decided to promote 2 songs at the same time on different formats. One was released on Urban AC radio station and the other was released on Urban radio stations because of its hip-hop vibe and influence. The second record was starting to take flight also with it approaching the Billboard Hot to debut at The work was finally paying off..

song that deals with conflict Song that deals with conflict
song that deals with conflict Song that deals with conflict
song that deals with conflict Song that deals with conflict
song that deals with conflict Song that deals with conflict
song that deals with conflict Song that deals with conflict
song that deals with conflict Song that deals with conflict

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